Keeping Your Coffee Safe, One Step At A Time

Extraordinary challenges call for extraordinary measures. But what happens when you’ve already been taking those measures? Well, that’s the story of the SLAY Case 1.0. 

When we thought about delivering fresh coffee, we knew that we had to come up with something of a gamechanger. After all, who wants a coffee that’s not hot or cold enough, that comes in a regular plastic bag, or spills on the way? Not us!

The SLAY Case was imagined keeping a great delivery experience in mind and hence we had to ensure that all these possible issues were addressed before hand. Temperature control, no spillage, no contamination, and on top of that, a swanky look package was our priority. 

And that’s what gave birth to the SLAY Case 1.0

We’re proud of what we’ve created here and we’re happy to let you know that your coffee has always come in a safe and hygienic package and will continue to do so. 

Keep SLAYing! 

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