The World Is Changing, But What We Do Isn't










We make coffee. Not just any coffee -- we try to make the best coffee you’ve ever had. We grow our beans, roast them, grind them, brew them, pour amazing coffee into cups that are triple sealed and delivered to you.

 We haven’t ever tried to sell you conversations, co-working utopias, friendships, or love. All we’ve ever tried to sell is a cup of coffee.

 As a young brand and a startup, we have been impacted by the ongoing pandemic and are worried about our business, employees, customers and the communities we all belong to.

 All sorts of predictions are being made about a new normal and a changed world. All of them marked by how unpredictable any foretelling of the future is.

 We have decided to be predictable.

  1. We will continue to stay focused on our vision of making and delivering handcrafted coffee.
  2. As a delivery only service, we have always been focused on running a highly self-contained, completely sanitized environment. It stays that way. We don’t have people we don’t know in the space where your coffee gets made.
  3. The wellbeing of our staff continues to be a priority -- while we are allowed by the government to be operational 100% (as an online/e-commerce essential service), we are ensuring no-one is asked to do a job when they shouldn’t, or forego a job for reasons outside of their control.

 And we have decided to make one simple promise -- to stay positive and grounded. We are not going to indulge in any grandstanding, or tell everyone to be happy. We are simply going to make sure you get a great cup of coffee, and hope that it makes your day a little better.

 If we do that, we have done our job.

SLAY Coffee promises India’s Best Coffee delivery experience right at your doorstep. Packaged in a spill-proof and temperature-controlled case, your SLAY Coffee is ground and brewed upon order. Every cup is made with fresh, premium beans and handcrafted by a SLAY-Certified barista. From India’s Strongest Coffee to skinny options to a non-caffeine portfolio and more, we’ve got something for everyone. Available on Swiggy & Zomato, your favourite coffee is just a tap away.

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