Our Packaging

There is only a brief window of time that most food items can be delivered before getting cold or spoiled, and the window is even shorter for coffee. The flavour and aroma characteristics of hot, brewed coffee change quite rapidly as the temperature decreases.
In short, time and temperature are the two biggest obstacles in repeating the experiences consumers have come to expect within the brick-and-mortar retail locations. And therefore even imagining a piping hot coffee delivered to the office or home at the proverbial "click of a button" was unlikely and unconvincing . For consumers though, if it were made possible, it would have been perfect. Coffee companies had been attempting to provide these services, but it had proved to be a challenge.
There was a need definitely, but not much was even tried, specifically so in India.

We wanted to solve this.

Imagine this: beans sourced from the best coffee plantations in the country, roasted fresh and never older than 21 days from the date of roasting, ground only upon receiving the order, brewed by a certified barista, packaged in a spill-proof and temperature-controlled case, and delivered within 30 minutes.
We take pride in being the first company in the world to promise this, a promise made possible through a combination of product and packaging innovation.

Our proprietary packaging solution, named SLAY Case 1.0, in which the coffee is delivered through delivery partners is a heat-retaining, spill-resistant package. The case, developed after months of R&D and hundreds of test deliveries on actual roads and traffic conditions, makes SLAY Coffee a gourmet coffee experience wherever people are. Each case has an insulation sheet that lines the inside of the box, and each cup of coffee is sealed to avoid tampering, to prevent spills and to retain temperature. Our packaging therefore ensures a 3-layered protection with the seal, lid and the case which takes care of any hesitancy that customers have regarding the delivery of liquid beverages by ensuring that the entire experience of having a SLAY was even better than going out to a cafe. In the ever-growing consumer preference of ordering in versus dining out, which will be even more stricter in a post-Covid world, SLAY Coffee is the first coffee brand in the world to have solved for this behavior in the coffee segment on this scale.

While we solve for great coffee, we have also been immensely focussed on being a conscious brand through our sustainable choices as well.
SLAY Case is designed for both recycling and reuse (our customers, without any prompt from us, have started using these as desk containers, lunch boxes, phone covers, plant holders, etc.)
For customers who do not wish to repurpose the cases at home, we have a take-back programme, one which has allowed us to introduce pre-loved SLAY Cases for deliveries.

The SLAY Case in fact is not just any packaging, it is also a piece of art that is meant to surprise and inspire! We are patrons of art, and the SLAY Case provides us an opportunity to collaborate with artists from the local community.

Seeing the exceptional appreciation to the SLAY Case from both the consumers and competition has been a gratifying experience. It has been brought to our notice how premium brands have taken inspiration from the SLAY Case design and now have their deliveries made in similar cases (brands such as cafe chains expanding into delivery, tea brands launching their coffee brands and milkshake brands) It delights us that we have been able to set a new benchmark in upping the customer experience.