Get Your Coffee in Minutes!


Welcome to our hassle-free coffee experience! Simply scan the QR code, place your order, and have your favorite coffee delivered to your desk in just minutes. No more waiting in line—your perfect cup is just a scan away!


Here are the streamlined and easy steps for ordering coffee at your desk:

Download and Display the QR Code:

  • Download the QR code for your preferred coffee delivery service.
  • Print and paste the QR code on your desk.

Browse and Customize Your Order:

  • Scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet to open the menu.
  • Browse the menu and customize your coffee order to your liking (size, milk type, flavors, etc.).
Add to Cart and Checkout:
  • Add your customized coffee to the cart.
  • Proceed to checkout and enter your delivery details (e.g., desk or office location).

Place Your Order and Enjoy:

  • Confirm and place your order.
  • Enjoy your coffee when it arrives.
  • Don’t forget to provide feedback if prompted!

These simple steps make ordering coffee at your desk quick and convenient.