Better Choices- Our Sustainability Promise

                                   Our Story

We are committed to challenging ourselves to make better choices- for our customers and our planet. As a young coffee brand, we are proud of having made the following choices very early on in our journey:


  • Using Bagasse lids instead of plastic lids across all our Cafes. Bagasse lids are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Every year, 1 billion lids are sent to landfills across the globe. Through this effort, we are eliminating our contribution to landfills.


    • Servings of all our cold beverages are in paper cups instead of plastic cups. This is a big and fundamental change for a brand in the coffee industry. We hope to gradually move towards more eco-friendly cups in the future.

    • Our proprietary SLAY Case is designed to retain temperature and avoid leaks and spills, thereby enabling our coffees to travel from our cafes to our customers’ place of choice. The case and the holder within are made from paper. The case is 99% plastic free.


      • Promoting re-usability of SLAY Case through art. Each SLAY Case has an unbranded and untampered artwork on one entire side. From stationery holders to pot holders and wall decors, our SLAY Cases have been repurposed with imagination as the only limit.


      • Taking the re-usability priority one step further, our SLAY Case take back program enables our customers to return the cases. We reuse these packaging received from customers which are in good condition and have others recycled ourselves

        Work in Progress

        1. Our coffee beans and grounds are currently packed in pouches that are made of multi laminated pack with aluminium lining. We are replacing this with 100% oxo-degradable packaging by Feb 2022. This is an area of constant improvement and we will continue looking for sustainable options. 
        2. Making our coffee cups 100% biodegradable is an area of deep interest to us. We are open to partnering with packaging companies around the world to solve this problem at scale.