Price Hike Info

At SLAY, we exist to delight each and every one of our customers with our 5-star coffees. Our value proposition is built around making premium handcrafted coffees available in the most convenient way and delivering an experience that delights you every time. Affordability is, of course, a very important aspect especially for customers who savour SLAY every day! Since the time of our launch a year ago, SLAY coffees have been priced almost 50% cheaper compared to other high-street cafes. 

Due to the recent developments and its impact, we are forced to re-look at some components of our operations. With utmost concern for the health and safety of our baristas, we have been able to keep 70% of our Coffee Bars operational. This comes at an increased cost on people, raw materials, supply chain, etc. Although a large component of this is being absorbed by the business, the remainder has to be made good through an increase in prices. Effective April 8th, we have increased the prices for SLAY Basics. We have also stopped discounts on the platforms including Swiggy & Zomato for the same reasons. 


We appreciate you for understanding our intent and endeavour of continuing to brew your favourite coffees.

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