SLAY procures the finest, Single origin, AA grade coffee from Barbara Berry Estate by the family owned MG Plantations. The plantation is based in Chikmagalur on the foothills of Baba Budan Giri and stretches along with the wild forest patches. Our coffee is affiliated with forest-grown coffee. The estate's soil is virgin and no serious effort is made to motorise the plantation for the sole purpose of preserving sustainable eco-friendly systems

  • The unroasted seeds are initially planted in large nurseries under shade conditions to avoid much exposure to the sun. Arabica is planted at 3300-6600ft above sea level with 15-25℃ to grow and Robusta is planted at 650- 2000ft above sea level with 20- 30℃ to grow.


  • After planting. Generally, harvesting takes place between the months of February to April, which is an yearly crop. When the tree reaches its maturity, it begins to bear fruits, these fruits are called coffee cherries.


  • Then we harvest the selected cherries by hand picking (45- 90kg/day) or strip picking or by using a high grade machine. These cherries are harvested with great care to achieve the highest quality beans.


  • After levels of processing, our coffee beans are now completely sun dried and we leave the coffee to rest for between 5 – 14 days this helps the flavors and aromas to open up.


  • Then the dried coffee beans are stored and packed in GrainPro bags that help in breathability of coffee so that no moisture, air or foreign materials come in contact and also ensures the longevity of the coffee, which are sent to the warehouse for roasting.


  • Roasting of the beans turns the coffee into various shades of beans, there are different and specific times and temperatures set for these stages of coffee beans. When it begins to turn brown, that’s when they start to produce the flavor and aroma. Roastery makes sure that the beans are roasted and delivered to SLAY on the same day.


  • After the roasting process of these coffee beans, they are cooled and then packed for delivery. 

Handcrafted coffee at the click of a button. SLAY’s customers can trace the origin of the purchased coffee beans through SLAYGRID. This allows 100% transparency provided to the customers from cultivation, harvesting to roasting, grinding, brewing of every coffee they order and consume.


Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability of our farms from plant to package is something our brand believes in and sustainably where the workers concerned in making them are secure and treated justly, and that environmental and social impacts are also taken into thought during the sourcing process, sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families, and the planet. We empower our farmers to learn better farming methods, improve working conditions and take better care of their children and the environment.


We've three major blends namely SLAY Signature Blend. SLAY Madras Mud, SLAY X Blend.

SLAY Signature Blend is our classic 100% pure Arabica that is notable in aroma and taste with hints of chocolate notes, velvet texture, lemon, and floral notes with a persistent aftertaste. SLAY Signature Blend is sourced from award-winning estates of Chikmagalur and roasted upon order in small batches under favorable conditions to help achieve the best yields.

Madras Mud is our blend which is a tribute to the traditional South Indian Filter Coffee. This has been one of our crowd favorites. Madras Mud Blend is a single-origin source of specialty coffee that is roasted in small batches with hints of chocolate and caramel notes. 

SLAY X is made of the unique and proprietary blend of Robusta Cherry and Robusta Parchment from the high-altitude estates of Chikmagalur, Karnataka. It is dark roasted to boost caffeine content, this blend is high on caffeine yet is smooth and palatable with a hint of zesty notes, a solid punch of caffeine and a smooth aftertaste.