An average day is much appreciated these days, any-day over those dreadful days. We all know the feeling. But when someone we value, talks about having one of those days, is when we want to be flash or swing across buildings with web to reach them and make them feel better. If only we could, we would fight alien invasions, resist thunder storms, survive earthquakes just so we could make them feel a little better.

But what we have to overcome is far beyond these, it’s the scary work meetings and deadlines. We might not have all the time to travel ourselves but we can still express our array of emotions. And SLAY just swoops in to be an intermediary between the two to deliver the emotion. Not only can you send gourmet coffee to the ones you care but also send a message along with it to enlighten their day or make it better. Small gestures or messages have cured illness, ended wars, saved our planet. Being part of this revolution is not mandatory but we will still want to. Because like it or not, we care. We are always going to display some solicitude for each other. And that makes us feel better, probably more than the person receiving it.

To explain our Unique Selling Point, let’s have one of those read the comprehension quizzes, Near a stunning sight of a new birth in the jungle, stood a photographer. Above and beyond this scene was a chopper that got a glimpse of a rescue fire. It was a former Olympian whose cost of defeat to gold was 4 seconds.


What’s common in all of this?

The act of timing.

We know timing is everything hence we promise to delivery your Gift within 30mins. Cause when we get something when we really need it is when we value it the most. Gift   it   moments   before   their   big   presentation   or   on   the   day   of   a celebration you couldn’t be a part of. Make them feel your presence. Say sorry when you are already late and will take another hour. Cause every mistake adds the domino, fix it while you can.

In this fast paced world it’s necessary to not neglect the important moments. SLAY wants to   nurture relationships in the most convenient, time saving , cost efficient way. SLAY offers a whole range of premium coffee to choose from which you all have love- with a message, this time delivered to a different location. Something that’s expensive does not make it desirable and nobody knows it better than our gen who are used to getting greeting cards worth a fortune. Getting your message delivered in a filmy way along with their favourite SLAY drink at the same price as those branded greeting cards is a win win for all of us. Choose from a wide range of gourmet coffee and mash it up with a greeting card with a personalised message. It’s like the candle on the birthday cake, something that sets the mood for the birthday.


What's the CATCH?

It’s the prices right?


All this available at add to cart immediate prices. Go check it out now. These prices breaks the stigma to gift the ones you care only on special occasions and makes gifting an anytime, everyday experience. Your family/ friends or loved ones could really do better with you on somedays.

Now you can just add it as a customisation to any SLAY coffee on Swiggy or Zomato.