Hustling Away The Daily Grind

Hustling Away the Daily Grind

You wake up to start another day. You are ready to take on the world. You are ready for the daily grind; set to work towards your goals and ambitions. were ready yesterday as well. 

Then, how did you end up not finishing your daily goals? Let us take a guess. 

Was it, maybe, because you faced a burnout quicker than you had expected, or did up end up procrastinating? 

We knew it!

Grinding is hard. Doing it consistently each day is even harder. 

But hustling is essential when you have goals that you want to achieve or dreams that you want to realise. Like, no matter how good a coffee bean is, it still needs grinding to be drinkable? In the same way, the daily grind is essential to keep moving towards your goals and eventually achieving them. 

But that doesn’t mean that you should burn yourself out. Have you ever burnt your tongue while drinking a good cup of coffee? That’s right, you know what we are talking about! 

Now, the question is, how to hustle away from the daily grind? The answer is very simple.

Let’s take a look. 

  • Realise a Basic Short-Term and Long-Term Goal

  • We all have some basic things which we want to achieve in life. It could be anything, say working for a dream company, owning a house, travelling the world, making the best cup of coffee. You want to hustle each day diligently, to achieve these things. But it is also necessary to fragment these long-term goals into smaller goals. It could be saving X money each month, learning one new skill each month, or anything else.

    Completing these short-term goals will help you get nearer to your long-term goals while giving you that feeling of achievement with each completion. 

  • Take Breaks

  • As much as we would like to be, we are not Terminators. Seriously, how cool would that have been? We are humans, and we need breaks. Contrary to popular belief, a break from hustling makes us more productive in the long run. 

    So, in between your daily grind, make sure to take a little break.

    Stretch a little, take a little walk, socialise for a bit and grab a cup of a good coffee and re-energise yourself.

    A good cup of coffee is one of the best ways to refresh your mind and take a break.

    “But we can only take small breaks. We can’t go out or make a good coffee in such a short time.” You make a good point, and that is exactly why we are here.

    Like almost all the world, if you crave good freshly brewed, freshly roasted and delicious coffee, you can now get that experience at your home or office. SLAY Coffee aims to bring the gourmet coffee experience out of the cafés and take it to wherever you are. 

    Our premium beans are single-origin, but our coffee is available for pan India delivery.

    Just pick up your phone and order coffee online from a wide range of coffees available from SLAY Coffee. Oh, and don’t worry, they come in temperature and spill-proof packaging. You didn’t think we’d talk about a good coffee experience and bring you a cold double espresso shot, did you? 

    What are you waiting for? Order now, and enjoy your much-deserved break. After this, we get back to the hustle.

  • Make a Realistic To-Do List

  • To-Do lists are the perfect tool to keep you hustling and up-to-date with your daily grind. Start each day with a small to-do list of the tasks that you need to achieve that day. Make sure that the list is realistic. It should push you to work more efficiently but not burn you out in the process. 

    Also, it is beneficial to keep some room in your to-do lists in case some urgent work comes up. This way, it doesn’t affect the tasks that you have already planned for the day. The psychological boost of ticking off each task will motivate you to hustle harder and continue with your daily grind. 

    And if you still need some motivation, you can order SLAY X, India’s strongest coffee in terms of caffeine content. It will surely help you get through those tasks on your list.

  • Make Time for Your Other Projects!

  • Now, people like to believe that goals exist only in terms of career, family, house and other things, but that is not true.

    Besides wanting to join your dream company in a few months, you can also have a goal of finishing X number of pages of a book that you are writing. Or you could want to learn guitar this month or make several YouTube tutorials this week. These things sound like a hobby, but in reality, these require hustle as well. You cannot learn guitar without grinding or work on your side business without any rush. 

    So, it is essential to keep time for these things in your day as well. Make sure you are SLAYing all your goals one at a time! 

  • Organize your surroundings

  • When your surroundings, such as your desk, workspace, or even your laptop/computer, or the mind, are messy you tend to lose out on your daily hustle.

    It may feel like you are working a lot, but it rarely leads to any productive work at all. It might lead to more work due to mistakes in the chaos. 

     It is important to organize everything to calm your mind and make hustling more efficient. 

    Now, working on things like these that do not directly contribute to your work can seem tiresome at times. But these things are vital to make sure that your work is of top quality. But these things are vital to make sure that your work is of top quality. 

    For example, a good cuppa should not be limited to just good coffee beans. One of the most important things to make a good gourmet coffee is attention to detail, which is what SLAY Coffee brings to your table.

    SLAY Coffee is made with 100% pure robusta and arabica coffee beans freshly roasted for you. But that is not where your experience ends. All our coffees are freshly brewed and hand-crafted by certified baristas. You can see the name and picture of the barista when you get your cup of SLAY Coffee. 

    Now then, let’s keep hustling away our daily grind. You keep hustling to achieve your goals while we shall speed up to make a great cup of coffee for you.


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