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SLAY Coffee

Peach Kombucha

Peach Kombucha

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Peach Kombucha
The sweetness of peaches packed with a probiotic punch, this flavor-packed kombucha might just be your new favorite!

Variety of Flavors
Explore fruity, natural flavors that refresh you with every sip, and nostalgic ones with a healthy twist, like cola! SLAY Craft Kombucha takes your senses on a delightful journey.

Probiotic Powerhouse
SLAY Craft Kombucha is beyond a refreshing beverage. It’s a nourishing, naturally carbonated tonic packed with good bacteria that’s great for your gut. It’s your go-to drink that makes you feel your best from the inside out.

Low Sugar
Thoughtfully crafted with minimal sugar content, SLAY Craft Kombucha consists of a calorie count of less than 37 calories. Enjoy its great flavors and experience its fizziness without guilt!

Energy That Vitalizes
Recharge your day with the revitalizing energy of SLAY Crafted Kombucha. The combination of natural caffeine, derived from our specially selected teas, and B vitamins delivers a sustained energy boost without the jitters, making it an ideal alternative to sugary energy drinks.

Artisanal Brews
Our Kombucha is meticulously handcrafted in small batches, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. We nurture every batch carefully, allowing our tea blends to transform into a harmonious symphony of taste and wellness.

Elevate Everyday Moments
Whether it's a brunch with friends, a midday pick-me-up, or an evening unwind, our Kombucha is the perfect companion. The effervescent bubbles and captivating flavors effortlessly elevate any occasion, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Order SLAY Craft Kombucha online and keep your favorite bottle of booch handy!
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