SLAY Now Premium Instant Coffee | Freeze dried Coffee Granules| 50g Jar | No Equipment Needed | Classic Blend

Rs. 300 Rs. 199
  • PURE COFFEE AND NO CHICORY: Made from a balanced mix of high quality Arabica and Robusta Green Coffee beans sourced from award winning single origin estates of Chikamaglur and no chicory added.
  • FREEZE DRIED: A Superior Coffee processing method, used to lock all the essential nutrients of coffee and retain the original aroma, flavour and colour and also makes the coffee dissolve much more efficiently
  • BREAKFAST ITEMS: Add the Gourmet SLAY Instant coffee to breakfast oatmeal or smoothie bowl to boost caffeine or add it to chocolate desserts to boost flavour.
  • SMOOTH & BALANCED: It is a perfectly balanced medium roast instant coffee.
  • EASY TO PREPARE: Tastes like a fresh brew, ready to make instantly, no equipment needed - just pure coffee in seconds, enjoy it as Black Coffee or mix it with milk for a great cup of gourmet Coffee to keep your day moving.
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: 100% pure vegetarian unflavoured Instant Coffee without any artificial additives or additional sugar or chicory; qty 50 gms; shelf life 18 months