Why Coffee Need Not Be Complicated?

One might ask what makes a good cup of coffee?

Coffee sourced with diligence that makes its beans a class apart from what’s in the existing omnipresent consumption. Putting you in a space, a world far away in the galaxies where you enjoy the meticulously cared for coffee which has the acidic intensity at equilibrium. It will savor your sweet tooth while also having bitterness in the same sip with no odd notes giving a smooth flavor. The aftertaste is not overly sweet, bitter or acidic as it encompasses a body with freshness and aroma.


Are you waiting to be found? Or are you still lost?

Is A Product Only As Good As Its Marketing?

Drowning in jargons and resonating away from the key objective by a puffery promotional marketing has become a new normal. 

No, we are sorry to break it to you but drinking energy drinks won’t help you fly. Perfumes and deodorants don’t instantly attract women. Dog food don’t extend dogs' lifespans by 30% or more, neither does chewing gum help in turning your teeth into a tube light.

At this point we start to wonder when a sticker on a bottle says biodegradable, is it the bottle that’s biodegradable? or is it only the sticker written biodegradable that’s degradable

Some brands say their shoes work your hamstrings and calves up to 11% harder and tone your butt up to 28% more than regular sneakers. 

Few claim their shoes prevent injuries. Others claim their shoes help lose weight and tone muscles.

Majority might be offended if we say it’s their workout that helps and not the shoes.

But What About Good Coffee?

In an alternate universe some brands claim pure Green Coffee helps weight loss.

Now how much research is behind these claims? 

Yes coffee in itself, when consumed has numerous benefits but if that is their brand differentiator then aren’t all coffee brands the same? 

And how are we different?

Like we said our coffee helps you travel space.

Just kidding,

We might run a research on that in the future but putting the possibilities aside,

SLAY Coffee offers a good cup of coffee. And funnily enough the good coffee slogan or its marketing space is deserted or rather claimed only by a few.

How is SLAY Coffee different?

What’s makes SLAY coffee a good coffee?

The freshly roasted beans from a single estate origin estate of Chikamagalur. Freshly roasted because it is medium roasted in small batches few times a week. 

We also include SLAY-X which is INDIA'S STRONGEST COFFEE and why do we say that? Internationally, strong blends contain around 1750 mg per 100 grams of coffee. SLAY-X on the other hand has 2250 mg of caffeine per 100 grams of coffee making it the strongest, yet the most palatable coffee in the market.

We use 100% Pure Robusta beans and 100% Pure Arabica beans with no additives or chicory in our cloud kitchens and offer same blends on D2C websites. 

We thought it might be a good idea to be completely transparent with the sourcing dates so we enable you to trace its origin using blockchain technology. No don’t worry all you have to do is scan a QR Code on the product for it, that's SLAYGrid for you.  

Not convincing enough? Try it decide it yourself. 

SLAY Cloud Café coffees are available across 15 cities in more than 150 locations. Handcrafted by Baristas, comes in temperature and spill proof packaging. 

Open your favorite food app and we are there. 

There in your house in less than 30 mins. 

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