What does it mean to be authentic?

What does it mean to be authentic? 


One of the most popular drinks and beverages in the world, coffee dominates, with almost 2 billion cups being consumed all over the world. Undoubtedly, coffee stands as one of the most consumed drinks every day. 


But what made it so popular? 


According to history, the very first coffee experience was delivered and tested many centuries ago by an Ethiopian farmer who noticed that his goats became very energetic after consuming coffee cherries. Soon after its discovery and recognition, the word spread and its popularity started increasing, and by the 1600s, coffee became the most preferred breakfast beverage that replaced beer and wine. But this was just the beginning! 


Coffee isn’t just a drink but a social phenomenon and an important part of socializing and societal norms in the current era. Several people in the world like to cherish special moments or even take a small “coffee break” during their working hours to re-energize and get their dose of stimulants. 


Since its popularity is spreading like wildfire, the authenticity is being compromised and many big players in the market are making coffee, but they are not offering the ultimate coffee experience that made it the favorite drink of everyone. 


Several coffee delivery houses have taken over this business. They are willing to provide freshly brewed, good coffee quality, but this is usually at high and unreasonable prices that don’t justify its authenticity. 


But what is authenticity, and how do you recognize an authentic coffee brand in the market that serves excellence and delightful coffee experiences? 


At SLAY, we take our coffee and our coffee lovers seriously; that’s the reason why we offer affordable, rich and gourmet coffee experiences to every consumer in 150+ locations pan-India. We aim to deliver an invigorating and a 5-star coffee experience by being customer and barista-centric in every manner, so you SLAY, every day! 


Here are a few reasons why, at SLAY, we believe that our coffee is authentic and has managed to win millions of hearts all over India. 


  • Fair Priced- Gourmet
  • At SLAY, we are all about the consumers and our coffee beans. That’s why we offer hot, stimulating and rich cups of coffee made from 100% pure robusta and arabica premium beans that start at as low as 99 INR. We are making sure that every coffee lover gets to experience gourmet coffee at affordable prices everywhere they go, such as malls, high-street retail centers, corporate parks and many more such places. 


  • Freshly brewed and handcrafted with love 
  • Premium coffee by SLAY is relished by almost everyone in India for many reasons. Every cup of SLAY Coffee is a handcrafted masterpiece made by our professionally trained and certified baristas, who ensure authenticity in every sip. The SLAY Coffee is ground, and it is only brewed when our consumers order their cuppa to make the experience even more enjoyable. The 100% pure robusta and premium arabica beans are freshly roasted in small batches every week to avoid losing their rich taste and aroma. 

    • Baristas- Our Superheroes

    The ‘barista sticker’ was introduced in late 2019 as not only a way to further communicate that every cup of SLAY Coffee is handcrafted by a professionally trained barista, but to also make the baristas truly the face of the brand for the thousands of the customers that order SLAY Everyday!


  • Bespoke preference 
  • We understand that all our consumers come with different preferences, choices and demands, and SLAY is here to serve them all. At SLAY, our certified baristas have been trained to provide you a cup of coffee made as per your request and consumption.



  • Delivering happiness with care 
  • We very well understood that some people do not like to talk to anyone until they have had their coffee for the day, and we have a solution to it! At SLAY, we deliver your cup of happiness door-to-door as requested by you. Our “SLAY Case” is specially designed with thoughtful Freshness Parameters, which will make sure you experience only the best in every sip. Here are the special features of our SLAY Case: 


    • Temperature controlled:- 

    The SLAY Case is designed to maintain an ideal temperature of the coffee that will last up to 45 minutes till it reaches you. 


    • Spill-proof

    No matter how the delivery person handles the parcel, our spill-proof SLAY cups will ensure no spillage, and you get to relish every bit of coffee in it.  


    • Environment-friendly

    The SLAY Case is made of 99% plastic-free and recyclable material, making it good for you and great for the planet! 


    • Sleek form factor 

    It's not just the coffee you’ll SLAY the day with, it's the cup too! The SLAY Cup design is sleek and isn’t just a utility that you’re using, it can also be a great accessory too.


  • Gourmet coffee at home 
  • If you cannot get enough of SLAY, then you can get it home! SLAY Coffee offers you a wide range of whole beans, coffee grounds, and exclusive SLAY coffee blends such as Signature SLAY, SLAY-X and Madras Mud. These blends are made with purity, authenticity and lots of love to help you satiate your gourmet coffee cravings. 


  • Loved by all
  • India’s strongest coffee brand, SLAY is SLAYing the day with all the love it's receiving from coffee fans all over India. Today, SLAY is the 2nd largest online coffee brand with the highest ratings on Zomato and Swiggy received from customers from almost 130+ locations across the country. That’s not all, SLAY-X, our Robusta Blend, is among the top 50 best-selling coffees on Amazon, as it helps people SLAY their Day!



    Authenticity comes with trust, and trust is all that we’ve received till date from our consumers due to our customer-centric attitude, paying attention to the tiniest detail and the aim of serving exhilarating cups of gourmet coffee at affordable prices that will be available everywhere you go. 



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