What constitutes a 5-star coffee experience?

5-Star Coffee Experience

“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” – T.S Elliot

Coffee is nothing shy of magic. People relish coffee no matter the season or the occasion. In recent years, India, traditionally a tea-drinking country, has joined the bandwagon of coffee lovers. The average cups of coffee a person drinks in a year rose from 14.6 in 2014 to over 60 cups in 2020. Of these, 73% of the consumption happens in urban India, where lives are fast, and businesses run 24*7.

In a nutshell, India is transforming from a tea nation to a nation that enjoys a freshly brewed cup of handcrafted and speciality coffee, just as much as they love their cutting chai!

At SLAY Coffee, we want to revolutionize your coffee experience and bring the coffee shop to your homes. It’s always the right time for a coffee break with our innovative packaging and wide selection of gourmet coffee blends, including India’s strongest coffee.

With SLAY Coffee, you can now slay your work-from-home blues and enjoy a steaming hot cup of latte without stepping out of your house. In this blog, we'll share some secrets no barista ever wants you to know about how to make the perfect cuppa at home.

So, if you love your coffee as much as you love your neighbour (no pun intended), read on to find out trade secrets to elevate your coffee experience to the next level! #SLAYon

What Counts as a 5-Star Coffee Online Experience? How Can You Recreate It at Home?

As they say, the devil is in the details. Getting that perfectly brewed coffee takes more than just a feature-packed machine (there are some things machines can't win—making coffee is one of them!). Right from selecting the freshest beans to carefully storing and measuring them, making coffee is an art that takes years of practice and knowledge to master. Something that our good ol' readymade coffee or instant coffee powder can beat.

But, at SLAY Coffee, we want to change this by bringing gourmet blends right to your doorstep using out-of-the-box coffee delivery services on a pan India basis. Affordability and attention to detail is the code we live by.

Here are five things that our certified baristas vouch for (shhh…we had to really convince them to share the secret just for you!) Happy reading!

  • Get the Beans Right

Imagine how the shepherd who accidentally discovered coffee beans felt when he realized the impact of this discovery! All these years later, the importance of the right kind of coffee beans is no different. So, even before you talk about brew styles and latte art (because, why not?), it’s important to get the first step right.

Choose only freshly roasted beans of the highest quality to ensure you get the aroma and flavour profile right. The best coffee shops around the country use 100% Pure Robusta and Arabica beans to create their signature brews. So, take time to study different beans and source only the highest quality beans for your homebrew.

  • Give Your Coffee Beans Some #TLC

Coffee beans are like that antique pocket watch your grandfather gifted you on your 18th birthday. Even if you don't use them, you still have to care for them. If you leave coffee beans or grinds exposed, they not just clump (oh! we've all fallen prey to clumpy coffee powder that breaks the deal) but also lose their aroma and flavour profile. So, use nothing but air-tight containers to store the beans.

  •  Measure it Right for that Perfect Cup Every Single Time

Have you ever wondered why the double espresso shot at your favourite café always tastes the same? Even when the baristas keep changing all the time? Well, the secret is pre-measured quantities depending on the type of brew and drink. We have a wide range of flavours ready for you so that you never have to eyeball the right amount because it takes even the most experienced barista years to get the measurement right.

If you want to get the whole experience of brewing coffee as a barista does (using beans and a brewer), the key is to perfect the proportion of beans to water and use the right grind speed and temperature.

  •  Pay Attention to the Brewing Method

Did you know cold brew coffees are just as popular as the regular hot brew ones? If you truly seek the gourmet experience at home, you must explore different brewing styles and see what works best for you. Get over the standard drip-style grinder-brewer and consider investing in a French press or a traditional filter coffee maker. With premium beans, you have to nail the brewing technique to enhance the flavours and make your coffee the star of the event!

  •   Learn How to Spruce Up Your Coffee Game

Once you have the above things right, you are just a couple of steps away from recreating a café-life experience. And fortunately, sprucing up a good cup of coffee really doesn’t take much. Learn latte art, use flavoured syrups and quirky flavours like cinnamon or butter to make your signature café-like coffee right at home!

Summing Up

In case you are looking for a quick fix of caffeine to start your day, all of the above steps may seem like way too much work for a cup of coffee. All you have to do then is go online and order from our vast selection of gourmet blends sourced from single origin estates. Leave it up to our expert baristas to get you a piping hot cuppa in no time!

Thanks to our revolutionary temperature and spill-proof packaging, your coffee drink delivery experience is never going to be the same!

Here's hoping this blog helped you understand the complex but enriching world of brewing coffee. For more information and, of course, to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, Order now and experience the #SLAY difference!

Happy brewing!



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