The Future of Coffee: Trends and Innovations to Watch Out For

The Future of Coffee: Trends and Innovations to Watch Out For

Coffee, coffee, coffee! Can you even think of starting your day without a heavenly sip of your favourite brew? True coffee enthusiasts cannot resist the aroma and rich flavour of the best coffee powder that kick starts their mornings. 

Coffee drinking is always trendy. But with the changing scenario of coffee consumption and demands, what does the future hold for your caffeine fix? 

Luckily, SLAY, the best coffee brand, has its finger on the pulse of the coffee world! We bring you the best coffee experience with the freshly roasted finest coffee that gives delight to your taste buds. Take a tour of the latest trends and innovations around coffee that will make you say, “Whoa! That's called a transition!”.

Get Your Caffeine & SLAY!

A fresh cup of coffee is a life-saviour! While some prefer a strong or espresso version of the coffee, the recent versatility ranges miles more. Here are a couple of innovations and stunning trends that we are sure you will fall for! 

  • Futuristic Brewing Techniques

New brewing methods are in town — Nitro coffee & Cold brew! 

Nitro coffee takes the coffee experience to the next level. It is a popular cold brew version infusing nitrogen gas into the coffee, giving it a creamy, smooth texture and a foamy head, much like a Guinness beer. It is the ideal pick-me-up on a sizzling-hot summer day and will surely be a hit with the new generation who buy online coffee.

While cold brew coffee has been around for a while, its ascent to popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Its subtle, less bitter taste and smooth texture have won over coffee lovers, making it a staple in many cafes and households.

  • Sustainable & Ethical Coffee

As the younger generation grows more conscious of their impact on the environment, a rising demand for sustainable and ethical coffee is growing. As a reputed brand for the gourmet-style coffee experience, SLAY ensures that its beans are sourced responsibly. This includes water usage, waste, and habitat destruction. In fact, SLAY works directly with the farmer producers' organisations that ensure that farmers are compensated fairly.

We pledge to eco-friendly and sustainable practices, including sourcing from sustainable farms, repurposing coffee grounds for fuel or compost, and reducing non-biodegradable packaging. We strive to educate our customers to embrace environmentally conscious habits and are dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of coffee production while providing high-quality, sustainable products on a regular basis.

  • Plant-based Milk

As more people adopt a vegan or dairy-free lifestyle, coffee shops are offering a variety of plant-based milk options, such as almond, oat, or soy milk. So, catering to the changing lifestyle needs of customers has been a guiding principle for SLAY's menu, and we are proud to offer vegan milk alternatives that are eco-friendly, ethical, and healthy. 

  • Smart Coffee Makers

Technological advances have revolutionised the coffee industry, with smart coffee devices becoming the norm. To set us apart, SLAY considers incorporating luxurious touches like flavoured syrups, nitro and kegs, and chic to-go containers.

  • Eco-friendly Packaging

Coffee companies are making strides toward sustainability by rethinking their packaging. SLAY uses 99% plastic-free cups that can be recycled or reused in multiple ways. 

Our Biodegradable cups with spill-proof lids offer a safe, hygienic, and "go-green" coffee experience. You can also bring your own stylish reusable cup to your favourite coffee spot and enjoy your brew guilt-free!

Get Your Coffee Fix The Right Way At SLAY Cafe!

At SLAY, India's favourite coffee brand of bold coffees and cold coffees, is not only passionate about great coffee — we are environmental enthusiasts as well! 

Our expert baristas use only the finest beans and cutting-edge brewing methods to create a truly exceptional cup of coffee every time. From classic drip coffee to trendy cold brew, we have got something for everyone.

Stop by one of our SLAY Cafes or order your "ON THE GO" coffee on your favourite delivery app — upgrade your coffee game with SLAY coffee!

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