Making your coffee travel

Making Your Coffee Travel With Ready-to-Drink Coffee

The Rise In Demand For Ready-to-Drink Coffee

Traditionally, the majority of the Indians have been brewing their coffee at home or going out to cafes / hotels for a fancy cup of coffee. Fresh coffee delivery, for all practical purposes, was unheard of up until early 2019. 

Looking at the huge opportunity and the gap for someone who wanted a cup of freshly brewed gourmet coffee delivered to them, SLAY Coffee was launched with the vision of making coffee delivery a thing.

Of course, a great cup of coffee means high quality coffee beans and professionally trained baristas handcrafting every cup carefully but the major challenge to be solved was - how to deliver a great coffee experience?

How SLAY Coffee Is Changing Coffee Delivery

While there was some coffee delivery happening but it wasn’t an optimal experience. The coffees wouldn’t reach at the ideal temperature, they would spill, the cups would have a plastic lid with tape on it, kept in a poly-bag, and handed over to the consumer in a not so appetising avatar.

Taking this challenge head on, SLAY Coffee came up with a proprietary packaging solution in the form of the SLAY Case 1.0. This packaging design was developed after much research and keeping the entire experience in mind to ensure:

  1. Spill-proof coffee delivery
  2. Temperature-control for up to 60 minutes
  3. An exciting form factor

When cafes were still the norm and people were fairly satisfied with brewing instant or specialty coffee at home, SLAY Coffee launched in Bengaluru and introduced coffee delivery as a real and delightful experience for coffee lovers of all kinds.

There was skepticism but it was short lived. Not only people loved the coffee that we delivered, the entire experience of ordering and receiving the SLAY Case and then consuming the coffee is also something people got excited about. The SLAY Case is trendy yet functional. No other brand had done anything like this and everyone warmed up to the idea of a good coffee delivery experience. 

The SLAY Coffee Case

The SLAY Case is 99% plastic free, can be reused in multiple ways, comes in 2 variations (single and double case), and makes coffee delivery not only viable but a safe and hygienic experience. It was designed to be future proof which was proven when the pandemic hit us and brands all across started innovating with their packaging to make their products safer for the end consumer.

The SLAY Case remained the same. Some USPs:

  1. The cups are sealed to ensure the coffee doesn’t spill
  2. The cups are made of paper to minimise impact on the environment
  3. The case is insulated from the inside to ensure temperature control
  4. The case comes with a holder so that it’s easy to carry around

All of this ensured that we not only delighted the consumer with the coffee but also the entire packaging.


The SLAY Case also happens to attract a lot of artists across the globe to showcase their talent on the canvas! We recently did a hugely successful crowdsourcing campaign that invited more than 100 participants. The artwork on the SLAY Case keeps changing on a quarterly basis.  From plant holders to cabinet frames we have seen the SLAY Case been put to use in various shapes & forms by our customers.

Video Link: SLAY Coffee Packaging

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