From Bean To Brew: Understanding The Journey Of Arabica Coffee Powder For Great Coffee Everyday

From Bean To Brew: Understanding The Journey Of Arabica Coffee Powder For Great Coffee Everyday

Do you savour the rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee? If you have committed your heart to coffee, you're probably in a constant state of craving for the heavenly elixir of freshly roasted brews.

Have you ever contemplated the captivating journey of tiny Arabica coffee beans? How does it transform from tiny coffee cherries to an aromatic elixir that fuels your energy in the morning? If not, it is the best time to familiarise your refined senses with the rich essence of a freshly brewed “cup of joe.” 

In this blog, we will take you through an enchanting journey of the finest coffee beans from the Chikmagalur coffee plantation to stunning brew at India’s premium coffee — SLAY Cafe, covering every detail you need to know about freshly brewed ground coffee powder.

Roast, Grind & Brew — The Fascinating Voyage Of Coffee From Earth To Espresso!

In order to finally transform a bean into an extraordinary indulgence like americano or latte, any best coffee brand hand-picks the fresh beans & grinds them into strong, flavourful arabica coffee powder. Although the procedure may sound straightforward, too many steps are involved to give that extremely good taste. 

Excited to know the secret process? Stay tuned with us till the end. 

Take A Tour To Coffee Plantation

First thing first — obviously, a great cup of coffee is incomplete without the best quality beans. Let’s delve a little deeper to know the complete process of harvesting & processing coffee beans. 

Coffee seeds are typically planted in extensive shaded nurseries, where they are nurtured with regular watering and protected from intense & direct sunlight until they gain sufficient strength for transplantation. 

Today, the global coffee industry revolves around two primary species of plants: Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta. While cultivating robusta beans is relatively easier and affordable, arabica beans are popular for producing the finest-tasting coffee. As the arabica beans contain less caffeine & higher fat content, hence, they taste silky & rich. 

Unlike premium coffee brands, we at SLAY not only advertise our coffee as exclusively crafted from arabica beans but also offer a 100% pure AA grade arabica blend sourced from Barbara Berry Estate located on the foothills of Baba Budan Giri range. Nestled between 3000-6600 feet above sea level, our arabica coffee plantation is a heavenly abode for the most exquisite beans. With temperatures ranging from 15 to 25℃, it's a perfect climatic symphony that nurtures the finest quality harvest.

When it comes to harvesting, the best quality coffee beans will require, on average, 3 to 4 years for recently planted coffee trees to start producing fruits. These fruits, known as coffee cherries, attain a vibrant, deep red colour when they reach maturity and become suitable for harvesting. The harvesting process is typically labour-intensive and arduous, involving manual picking in most countries. 

The farmers working with SLAY start harvesting coffee cherries from February to April each year. Our approach to harvesting involves careful hand-picking of selected cherries, with a daily yield ranging from 45 to 90 kilograms. 

Alternatively, we follow strip picking or the utilization of a high-grade machine without compromising the taste & richness. We exercise utmost care during the harvest to ensure the highest quality beans are obtained.

From Plantation To Drying & Roasting

To prevent the coffee cherries from spoiling, it is crucial to initiate processing just after the harvesting. In regions with limited water resources, the traditional method employed is the dry method. Otherwise, the wet process is more time-saving. 

The dry method technique involves spreading out the freshly picked cherries on large surfaces to dry naturally under the sun. The cherries are regularly raked and turned throughout the day to ensure even drying. They are covered at night or during rainfall to shield them from moisture and foreign materials. The duration of this process significantly varies depending on the weather conditions, and it can extend for several weeks until the moisture content reduces to 11%.

Moreover, prior to the roasting stage, coffee beans are initially green in colour and possess a high concentration of chemical compounds such as trigonelline, aldehydes and chlorogenic acids. These chemical substances contribute to unpleasant smells and tastes. Hence, a darker roast method has followed (roasting the coffee beans for a longer duration and at higher temperatures). 

It allows more time for the amino acids and sugars within the beans to interact, creating delightful aromatic compounds. Simultaneously, the roasting process breaks down the undesirable compounds, leading to a deep, rich flavour in the final brew.

At the factory of Slay, our coffee beans undergo such detailed processing stages & sun-dried for weeks to hold their quality & richness. We keep the beans for a sound 5-14 days to finally open up the aroma finally. 

The Journey From High Altitude To Cafes

Premium coffee brands globally follow a detailed grading and sorting process of coffee, which involves several steps to ensure quality. The beans are evaluated based on size, weight, colour flaws, and other imperfections. In fact, size grading is achieved by passing the beans through a series of screens, while pneumatic sorting separates heavier beans from lighter ones using an air jet. 

Additionally, defective beans are carefully removed either manually or with the aid of high-grade machinery. Well, coffee beans that exhibit unsatisfactory characteristics, such as unacceptable colour, over-fermentation, or being unhulled or insect damaged, are identified and separated. Now, beans are good to go for export. 

The finest quality milled beans are always transported in jute or sisal bags. At SLAY, speciality curated GainPro bags are used that ensure uninterrupted breathability & longevity from damage due to moisture or physical contamination. These 100% pure arabica coffee beans are directory packed & transported to modern warehouses & Slay cafes on the same day. 

Experience The Brewing Magic Of Coffee Gourmets  

We have reached the final staging process now. In this step, a high-quality grinder is used to grind the freshly roasted beans for maximum richness & intense flavour, which depends on the brewing method. Hence,  espresso machines ground fine coffee powder rather than the drip method of brewing. 

Since ground coffee beans are highly perishable & stale more quickly, top-tier coffee brands only serve freshly roasted “cup of joe” to their consumers.  

Do you want to get all these experiences of a handcrafted coffee blend in India without stepping out of your home? Is it possible? Yes! Indeed. 

Slay Coffee is a well-known homegrown coffee brand promising great coffee every day for millions of people. We offer a consumer-friendly feature where you can track the complete journey of your favourite brew from cultivation to roasting by scanning just a simple QR code. We are India’s first brand to maintain a blockchain-based supply chain named SLAYGRID. 

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our cloud cafes or order it now from our online store. We guarantee there is no turning back once you taste our blend! 

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