Dalgona Coffee - How to Make the Perfect Cup

Dalgona Coffee - How to Make the Perfect Cup

Dalgona coffee made headlines on social media in February 2020, originating from South Korea. It also started trending in India, where people started replacing their regular boring coffee with enchanting, Dalgona-style coffee. Many people started creating short videos on YouTube and reels on Instagram using the hashtag, and almost every video released proved to be a huge hit! With such popularity, the Dalgona coffee recipe soon became the preferred choice for coffee lovers.


What Is Dalgona Coffee?


In simple words, Dalgona coffee is a frothy variety made by mixing instant coffee, water, sugar and milk in equal proportions. Dalgona is supposed to have two different layers, where the whipped coffee cream sits on the top, covering the milk below. Dalgona coffee recipes can be made from hot and cold milk, and if you wish to have a cold one, all you need to do is add ice to the milk and then place the layer of frothy whipped coffee on top of the glass.


Dalgona Coffee is also known as whipped coffee, frothy coffee, fluffy coffee, and beaten coffee.


How to Make Dalgona Coffee


Here we will discuss a few ways you can prepare Dalgona coffee at home with or without a whisking machine. To prepare it, you will need:


Instant coffee
Hot/cold milk
A whisk or a spoon


First, to prepare a cup of yummy Dalgona Coffee, you need to choose the best instant coffee powder for your drink. Make sure that you choose the finest blend for your perfect cuppa, such as SLAY Now.


SLAY Now is a freeze-dried, premium instant coffee that comes with a balance of high-quality arabica and robusta coffee beans, coming all the way from award-winning single origin estates in Chikmagalur. The coffee products of SLAY Now are made up of 100% beans and have no chicory in them. These can be the perfect base ingredient for making yourself a gourmet-style cup of coffee without any compromise on taste or artificial additives.


Classic Dalgona Coffee (Hot Milk)


1. Put a spoon of SLAY Now instant coffee in a bowl.
2. Add sugar (same amount) in the coffee.
3. Add a few drops of hot water.
4. Whip the concoction till you reach a paste-like, light-brown and fluffy state.
5. Add a few more drops of water, if required, while you whip.
6. Once the paste is prepared, pour hot milk into a cup.
7. Put the paste above the hot milk, spread it smoothly all over the milk.


Serve it with a stirrer and enjoy the drink!


Iced Cappa Dalgona Coffee (Cold Milk)


1. Add a spoon of SLAY Now instant coffee into a bowl.
2. Add a spoon of sugar with a few drops of hot water.
3. Stir it with a hand-held electric mixer, whip it until it becomes a light brown and fluffy paste.
4. If you do not have a hand-held mixer, you can use a spoon and whip it fast for 4 to 5 minutes to reach the paste-like state.
5. Once the paste is prepared, pour a glass of milk filled with lots of ice cubes.
6. Add the coffee paste above the milk.


Serve with a stirrer and enjoy your drink!


Tips to Make the Perfect Cup Of Cappuccino Coffee


Pro serving tips


Since there is only one way to serve Dalgona Coffee, there are many tried and tested ways to make it look professional and more alluring.


You can garnish it with almost every possible yummy food item such as:


Cookie crumbles,
Crushed dry nuts,
Chocolate chips,
Chocolate sprinkles, and much more.


Storing tips


Following the Dalgona coffee recipe can be challenging due to the time invested, i.e. 5 to 10 minutes of whisking. The good news is that it can be stored after preparing a significant amount of paste.


You can simply prepare the paste, store it in the refrigerator, and use it the next time you wish to have a yummy cup of Dalgona Coffee. You may have to whisk it a bit later when you prepare your next cup, but the hassle won’t be that much.


How to make Dalgona coffee paste fluffy


The best way to get a very fluffy paste is to whisk it for as long as you can. If you wish to make it extremely fluffy and get a cream-like texture, you should prepare it with a hand-held mixer or an electronic whisker for the best results.


Different flavors to experiment with


Dalgona Coffee has only one way to prepare it, but there are many flavors you can add to it to make it more interesting and yummy. You can add all types of syrup such as Irish creme, vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate and others to relish your Dalgona Coffee in different flavors.


How does hot or cold milk affect the drink?


Hot or cold milk plays a huge difference here, Dalgona Coffee may be a little difficult to relish if you prepare it in hot milk as the froth will not subside so easily, so you may have to wait till the time your beverage reaches room temperature. Whereas preparing Dalgona Coffee with cold or chilled milk may make it easy to consume and it can be more enjoyable.


Do different types of sweeteners impact the fluffiness of the coffee?


Yes, different types of sweeteners and coffee can affect the fluffiness of Dalgona. If you try to prepare Dalgona with decaffeinated coffee and brown sugar, you may not get the same fluffiness and texture as you do with instant coffee and white sugar.

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