Coffee Trends in Vogue Across the World

What's the best thing about the mornings? Ask all coffee-lovers around the world and the answer will be the same. For most of us, nothing beats the aroma of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning. It instantly wakes us up and prepares us to seize the day. Coffee is not a drink, it's an emotion that binds people across offices, homes and cafes. Across the world, our favourite drink is cherished in different ways. Recently in India, the consumption of coffee has increased manifolds. 

At SLAY, we serve your different tastes with our exotic flavours and strong coffees. We also specialize in giving you the best coffee experience with our coffee takeaway and coffee delivery. 

SLAY brings you the best of world coffee 

 Coffee has an interesting history in India. According to some stories, it was smuggled to India by a saint named Baba Budan. He came with seven seeds and planted them in the southern part of India somewhere near Mysore. No doubt, coffee is enjoyed very extensively in south India. Originally, it came from the Arabian Peninsula and folklore says that it was used by saints to stay awake during prayers. 

New Trends In The Coffee Industry

Coffee trends vary across the world and have gone through many changes over the centuries. From classic Italian Espresso to Turkish coffee or Kahvasi and recent trending brews like nitro cold brew and affogato pour-over, coffee has travelled a long distance. Recently the whipped coffee or Dalgona coffee became the rage during the lockdown period with numerous videos of them being posted all over the internet. Keeping up with those trends and customer expectations is quite challenging in this global world. Walk around any cafe and you will see the brewing of coffee in many hot and cold versions. Sometimes some exotic flavours are added to the coffee to give you an enhanced experience. 

Hazelnut, Vanilla and spearmint are some of the common examples. You can also add Cinnamon to enjoy the warm spiciness of coffee. The latest in the trend is Espresso Martini giving you the taste of both coffee and vodka. Sometime back, green coffee was also trending in the market. It fast became the favourite drink of health-conscious people. 

Doesn't that make coffee an exotic beverage?

We love coffee either due to its high dose of antioxidants or because of its instant energizing property. Coffee lovers are always on the go to find the best place for relishing coffee.

Nothing better than a cup of coffee that tastes best and doesn't burn a hole in your pocket, isn't it?

No, we aren't talking about going to cafes and waiting for your perfect brew in these unprecedented times. If you want to experience gourmet coffee with exotic flavours curated by the finest baristas, SLAY is your answer. SLAY is one of the leading brands in India offering the best coffee delivery to your homes. SLAY has many exotic flavours of coffee. Our robusta blend is one of the top-selling blends. SLAY offers the strongest coffee in the market from the best estate of Chikmagalur. SLAY coffee can be brewed at home. We also offer a handy home brewing coffee kit for the starters to have a cafe-like experience at home. 

SLAY Filter coffee blend named Madras Mud tastes as if one is drinking at some south Indian style restaurant. SLAY's extensive menu has experimented with never tried before flavours like watermelon, rose, lavender, and saffron. We also have low-calorie and vegan coffee options for dairy-conscious people.

The rise of conscious coffee consumers

Coffee unlike the early days, is now consumed with better knowledge about the coffee. People want to know where their coffee is sourced, which type of bean is used or how much caffeine/ chicory is in their coffee. They are their own baristas as many experiment with different brewing equipments to finally stick down to their suitable blend. 

Growth of ready-to-drink coffee

The pandemic made way for a new trend in coffee, the coffee delivery experience. Piping hot coffee delivered at their doorstep without the need to go out.

How Slay Coffee is redefining the coffee industry, one cup at a time

What sets SLAY apart?

 After the advent of the pandemic, going to a cafe became a distant dream, SLAY came up with the idea of providing a cafe-like experience to all coffee aficionados. It has revolutionized the coffee delivery experience with its unique temperature-proof, environmentally conscious packaging which makes sure that your coffee stays fresh till it reaches you. SLAY has also started their kiosks in the corporate sections, malls in some cities for on-the-go people in the form of coffee takeaways. 

One of the secrets behind our exotic coffee is that it is roasted in small quantities so that it doesn't get oxidized and retains its flavour. SLAY provides you with a personalized touch by keeping the picture of the barista on the cup so that each time you taste your coffee, you know the person behind the magic. 

Another breakthrough is the SLAY grid, which helps you track the origin of your coffee from seed to cup which is the USP of the brand. 

SLAY has paved its way into the coffee world through its innovative approach to providing a personalized experience of gourmet coffee. The affordable pricing and great coffee packaging let you enjoy an exotic coffee experience at any place- on your home balcony or during an afternoon break at the workplace. 

Increased demand for speciality coffee

SLAY is known popularly for their premium coffee that is 100% Pure blends of Arabica and 100% Pure blends of Robusta. All coffee beans are roasted in small batches to retain freshness and is sourced from a single origin estate in Chikmagalur. The sourcing dates of the coffee can even be tracked using QR code available on the coffee packs. 

Popular Coffee Trends To Watch Out For In 2021 And Beyond

The coffee industry is booming each year with an increasing number of coffee drinkers across the country. This large number is contributed by millennials who throng in cafes to have their coffee ritual. Urban folks are drinking more coffee than ever before. Predictions say that this industry will grow from 500 crores to 5000 crores in the coming 2 years. If that's the case, coffee brands in India have to up their coffee game to meet the ever-changing demands of the people across.

Want to taste the exotic coffee in the comfort of your home? Go to to buy your specially crafted brew made by the finest baristas who love to serve you.

Written by DropKaffee Food & Beverages Pvt Ltd

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