3 Million Cups



India has seen a lot of approaches and mindsets when it comes to drinking coffee,be it at an high end cafe or at home.Fresh coffee as a beverage has been seen as a luxury by many, we want to change that mindset in people.
A cup of coffee that is freshly roasted,grounded and brewed can be affordable and very well be a part of our lives,everyday at home.


The idea of starting a coffee delivery company came up to us in the year 2019 when we saw a huge gap in the market when it came to experiencing handcrafted premium coffee at home.The only experience of such coffee was either to go to a high end cafe or to drink it out of spilled packaging at home.

Hunting for the best beans

The quest to find the finest coffee beans took us to Chikmagalur from where we sourced the finest of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans to ensure a 5 star experience to all the coffee lovers.

We,as a brand, work on various stages to ensure that the experience is as smooth as your coffee. One of the key factors was to not store a coffee on the shelf for more than 28 days
and consistency in always measuring and making the right cup of coffee EVERY TIME with the utmost care.By measuring freshness in days and not in months, we’re holding ourselves to a higher standard than others.

What does the word SLAY entail?

The word SLAY describes the unsung victorious moments in our life that we have on a daily basis, something we choose not to celebrate or make a big deal out of.
Why not celebrate those moments and reward yourself with a cup of coffee?

Spill Proof Packaging
The next step was to rule out packaging and solving the delivery hurdle,we tried and tested various packaging options with a variety of approaches. The packaging was always taken out on the road to test the durability when it came to potholes as it was a major setback in the delivery sector. 

Many potholes later, we finally landed on the packaging SLAY case 1.0,which was durable,sustainable and long lasting, now the worry of coffee being spilled had taken a back seat.




First Moment Of Slay

Our first moment of SLAY was when we served our first cup of coffee,Madras Mud, in Bangalore on 21st February. We received great and extremely positive feedback,the customer absolutely loved the coffee and was so elated to have a great coffee experience at home!

SLAY In Bangalore
We started out with our first three kitchens in Bangalore at Indiranagar,Koramangala and Bellandur in 2019.There was no looking back,we received so much love from YOU.
The buzz of SLAY started doing rounds and we organically grew with word-of-mouth within months.

Keeping It Simple!
Another aspect that came into play was the jargon that is usually used in cafes to describe the coffee leading to the customer being very confused and clueless,we wanted to avoid it at all costs. Our menu is designed to give you a sense of the beverage as soon as you read it.

Our backbone

Baristas are the backbone of SLAY Coffee.
One of our first barista’s ever onboarded,Jaishree,has something to say,
‘SLAY made it possible for me to add an extra dose of love and get recognised with my sticker on the coffee cups,I already have a set of loyal customers who only have coffee made by me and the feeling is unlike I have ever experienced’.

Rising through the Pandemic

We are very proud to say that when most of the organisations were struggling during the pandemic it did not affect us as all of our operations were already on cloud. 

From the very first SLAY cup to now selling almost over three million cups of coffee, from three locations to 160+ locations across 20+ cities and with over 300 baristas always by our side, we have come a long way.




3000000 Million Cups Served!
From serving our first cup of coffee in 2019 to now serving over 3 Million cups of coffee and successfully providing the 5 star coffee experience. From cloud kitchens to starting Slay Coffee Bars at multiple locations and serving customers at the Bars has been another key highlight, it's been an overwhelming journey and still continues to be the same.

We feel so proud that our SLAY tribe has been growing from day 1 and we will continue Slaying together!

Many Firsts 

With the intent of working directly with farmers and creating an impact on the ground level, we have a strategic collaboration with one of the Coffee Farmer Producer Organisations, Arehalli Biccod Farmer Producer Organisation based out of Arehalli, Sakleshpur, Karnataka. 

This collaboration will enable more than 300 farmers to directly supply their coffee produce to us and enhance the quality of their produce through technology, training and quality control support.It gave us an opportunity as a brand to create a positive impact within the famer ecosystem through a variety of initiatives and investments.

We have India’s Strongest Coffee,SLAY X, made from a blend of Robusta Cherry and Robusta Parchment green beans.It has 2250 mg of caffeine per 100 grams as compared to the strongest blend internationally containing 1750 mg of caffeine per 100 grams.

Ever wondered whether your freshly brewed coffee is really fresh?
We’ve got you covered!
We were the first ones to start with a QR code,SLAYGRID, on every pack to give the customers a glimpse of the journey, from the farms to YOU, it empowers the SLAY consumers with transparent information about the journey of the bean.

All you need to do is Scan the QR Code on the pack.

As we take on the journey of the next 3 million cups and more, we are committed to our motto of providing great coffee, everyday.

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